I taught at Lebanon Valley College as an Adjunct Professor of Music from 2011 to 2021. My responsibilities included teaching applied lessons on double bass, bass guitar, jazz improvisation, and directing the jazz combo. Additionally, I have been a clinician for high school jazz bands throughout the greater Philadelphia suburban area.

I also have a home teaching studio. My private students’ successes include acceptances into major collegiate music programs; winning the bass chair for PMEA All-State Jazz band; awards including “Outstanding Soloist” and “Best Rhythm Section” at Cavalcade Jazz Festivals; and winning auditions for district jazz band and district orchestra.

Demonstrating a finger system for the bass guitar that allows for a two-octave scale with just one shift.

PDF for scale fingerings: G maj and min scales 2 octaves electric bass

Free scale and arpeggio workbook available here

A lesson on achieving clean in-tune shifts on the double bass, using the Adagio from Marcello’s Sonata in E minor to demonstrate finger-replacement concept for visualizing the physical aspect of shifting on the double bass.

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