“Tim is a complete pro who always “gets it” while bringing an easy to work with personality.” – Brendan McGeehan

“Tim is an exceptional bass player.  In the past few years he has performed on several songs for recording projects of mine.  His creative ideas and input bumped my recordings to a higher level.  Tim is professional, hard working and it was an absolute pleasure working with him.” – Cindy Ruenes

“I have hired Tim as a bass player since 2008, and every time I interact with him I am glad I made that first call.  He is one of the kindest, most talented and reliable people I have ever worked with.  His skill as a musician runs the gamut from Classical, jazz and even folk and rock.  I have played live with Tim, and been in the recording studio and I promise you, he is one of the best.” – Brian Pearson

“He has evolved into a fine bassist with a very lyrical approach…his students at LVC are all very complimentary of their time spent under Tim’s tutelage. I would highly recommend him for any teaching/performance work.” – Steve Rudolph

“Bassist Tim Wolfe also delivers some memorable solo work, and reminds us why the upright bass will never be replaced completely by electric bass guitars.” – BroadwayWorld.com

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