I am available for hire to record bass for your project. From my years playing in jazz bands, theaters, orchestras, and wedding bands, I deliver authentic knowledge of a variety of styles and techniques with good tone, strong time, and professionalism. I’ve tracked multiple projects for clients at a number of fine studios, large and small, in and around Philadelphia. Additionally, I have capabilities to record bass remotely in my home.

Below is a partial list of my recording credits (click on ALBUM TITLE for info on each album):

-The Band Ivory – ANTHROPOCENE (I am on the track “Wearing Me Down”) (2020) pop
-Cindy Ruenes – “Winter Solstice” (radio single, 2019) folk/acoustic
-Tachyonmetry PILE-O-TUNES (2019) folk/acoustic
-Cindy Ruenes PLEASE DON’T TELL ME HOW TO DANCE (2018) folk/acoustic
-Tachyonmetry SUNSET WATERFALL (2016) folk/acoustic
-Daniel J. Bowen BLOOD MOON (2015) orchestral
BLIND DATE, writer/director Jamel Northern (2015) soundtrack
-Carl Bahner CARL BAHNER AND FRIENDS (2013) jazz
-Howard Louis CUTTING CHORDS (2010) rock/pop

Tim Wolfe, Jr., Bass Electric on SoundBetter

Bass amplifiers:
-Markbass Mini CMD 121p
-Gallein-Kreuger MB150S-III
-Carvin MB10
-Polytone Minibrute

Additional recording gear at my home:
-AT4033a condensor microphone
-Rode M5 stereo pair condensor microphones
-Radial Tonebone Bassbone
-Focusrite Scarlett 2i2

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